The daily Art of Living

Launched in 1998 by Babette Mourlon Beernaert and her children Gwendoline and Valéry, PH Collection’s vocation is to create harmonious, comfortable and timeless living spaces. Craftsmanship and custom-made products remain the key wordsof a 100% European production!

Constantly in search of new materials, colors and shapes, the creators are developing the collection which is composed of tables, chairs, furniture and lighting. With the objective of «the daily Art of living», PH Collection places its creations on a quest of well-being and contemporary spirit.

Over time, PH’s work has grown to become «haute couture» in its designs as well as in the selection of materials, finishes and fabrics. This passion is at the service of the clients and can be seen in developments realized in the mountains, at the sea or in the city.

Immerse yourself in the new atmospheres and discover our latest creations thanks to a 360° virtual tour of our showroom. You can also download our new catalogue.

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